Marius Schäfer
contact: mschaefer<at>mimamau<dot>de

IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad TrackPoint scrolling configuration on Linux Xorg with evdev
CLFS on Ubuntu 10.10, Chap. 5.4. Linux-Headers- fails
CLFS on Ubuntu 10.10, Chap 5.6. Cross Binutils-2.18 fails
How to mount VirtualBox VDI image files on Linux
Use your Sony PS-2 EyeToy Cam as a webcam. (Windows, Mac OSX, Linux).
Clonezilla on pre i686 hardware (i686 without cmov)


Marius Schäfer
Ferrutiusstr. 18
65520 Bad Camberg
Tel.: 06434 907273
E-Mail: mschaefer<at>mimamau<dot>de

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